Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Updates

I felt like blogging today, however I don't seem to have a specific topic to talk about so I decided to just have a random post day today. This means there will be short, random snip-its of things going on in life right now.
*The gym is going good so far, I didn't go yesterday, but I've gone 2/3 days so far, so thats not too bad.

*Hubs and I are once again contemplating buying a second home. We have flipflopped on selling and buying a new home, renting our current home and buying a new one, renovating our current home and adding a floor, and just waiting. We are back to wanting a second home and renting this one. We are going to keep an eye on the market and what comes up and see what happens

*I made a wildberry pie the other night (I know, horrible way to start off going to the gym). I figured if I make it and it gets eaten now, then I wont rebuy it. A while ago E.D Smith pie fillings were on sale, so I bought a wildberry filling to try it out. I make my crust homemade using my grandmothers recipe, so it was easy just to fill it with the premade filling. It was quick, simple and tasted delicious. I'd definitly buy the filling again if I wanted to make a berry pie.

*I tried out the OPI shatter polish and the other one I bought with it. I loved them both, however they werent my favorite when used together. I also found the brushes weren't the best when applying the polish. For $10 a bottle, I would expect a better application brush, considering I've had better results with much cheaper polish. Guess its true, more expensive doesnt mean better.

*I'm completely loving the Essie "Little brown dress" polish. Its currently on my toes and is lasting great. It applies nicely too. I think Essie might be my go to brand for the classic shades of polish and some of their more interesting limited ones as well.

*I'm still loving my new winter boots, I've worn them a few times (which is a good sign because sometimes I buy new shoes and don't end up wearing them). They are so warm and give me some added height.

*Work is frustrating me again. We are short staffed and getting busier and we are expected to make things work. Its been an ongoing issue since before I even started working there. They hired to fix the problem (this is where I came in) then turned around and laid off a bunch of people. Grrrr, thank god for pension and decent pay and benefits.

*I'm keeping my eye on flight prices to book my trip home for the summer. Can't believe my baby brother will be graduating in 4 short months.

*My mom is doing good, she starts her treatments on monday, so here's hoping they go smoothly and beat the cancer. I'll be sure to keep you updated on her progress.

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