Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Organization

Yesterday, Hubs and I finally got around to getting the house more organized. Hubs younger brother came to stay with us 1.5 weeks ago, so we ended up switching 2 of the bedrooms around. The "now spare bedroom" still needs organization, as we have misc stuff piled in the room.  We ended up cleaning out our coat closet. It needed it sooo badly, it kind of became a catch all for coats, shoes, reno stuff and things that needed to go to manland. We gutted it out, cleaned it and then, only put back what needed to go back in the closet. Now we have so much room and can actually see the floor. We also cleaned out the hall closet and now have a completely empty shelf (just shows how much clutter we had).

I also found the time to put the under the sink organizers in each of the bathrooms. I came across them at Canadian Tire, and they are such a space saver.

  They retail for around $22, but you can buy them for $5-$8 when they go on sale. They are easy to put together, fit around pipes, and the shelves are adjustable. I love the fact that it provides more useable space in the upper part of the cupboard.

After supper last night, Hubs and I ended up cleaning out our fridge freezer. It was so full and disorganized. We pulled everything out, and organized things better, so things were easier to find. It was amazing how much space we have in the freezer and we only threw out an ice cream container, and a ziplock of a mystery food.

Hubs and his brother were also busy friday while I was at work. They moved our master bedroom around so our bed is backing the window and looking at the tv they just hung off the wall.  It feels so good to be making progress in our home towards better organization.

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