Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2-Nine Loves

Besides the obvious of loving my Hubs, my family and friends, I thought it would be fun to answer this with some not so obvious answers.
{one} A towel fresh from the dryer
{two} The scent of freshly mowed grass
{three} The smell of fresh rain in the summer
{four} Mexico, everything about this place I love, the food, people, culture, beaches, etc
{five} Campfires and roasting smores
{six} The scent of the ocean on a warm summers day
{seven} Gelato
{eight} Warmth from the sun beaming through the kitchen window
{nine} The scents of each specific season
           Spring- new flowers, rain
          Summer- freshly mowed grass, fruit
          Fall- Pumpkin, cinnamon
          Winter-Cinnamon, christmas trees, cranberries

What do you love?

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