Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Must Have's

I've seen on many other blog's, posts about baby must have's. I'm not pregnant, nor do I have a baby so I thought it would be neat to make a Must Have's list for things I've found to be extremely useful or unable to live without.

1) Dishwasher- My parents had one when I was growing up and when I moved in with Hub's he had one in the place we were renting. I couldn't imagine not having one and having to wash dishes multiple times a day.

2) Stacking laundry machine- I'm talking a full size set, not apartment sized. We bought a stacking set when we moved into our last place and now that we own our home, it fits perfect in our master bathroom in the corner. It takes up so little room but provides full washing capabilities.

3) Separate freezer- Having a fridge freezer for us just isn't enough. It's so nice to be able to have an upright freezer to store extra meat and frozen items when they come on sale and leave the fridge freezer for items used more frequently.

4) Popcorn maker- I absolutely love popcorn and used to buy the microwave stuff all the time (I know its really bad for you). As a wedding gift a coworker bought us a popcorn maker and I've never bought mircowave popcorn since. It tastes so fresh and like movie theatre popcorn and I love the fact that I can control the amount of oil and butter used and what type is used.

5) Reclining sofa's-Hubs had a bachelor style couch when I moved in with him and soon after we bought a new couch. It didn't recline and unfortunately didn't last long so we took it back and they gave us a credit towards new couches. We ended up going with reclining couches and I love them. It's so nice to put my feet up at the end of the day and relax.

6) Comfortable mattress- We just bought a new mattress and all I need to say is you sleep on it 365 days a year so why wouldn't you buy one that makes you sleep better.

7) Nice sheet set- I've never cared what kind of sheets I slept on, to me sheets were sheets. Hub's bought me 1000 thread count sheets and I've never looked back, They are so soft, it really does make a difference.

8) Wedding album- We paid extra to get our wedding album through our photographer and I'm so glad we did. I look through it often and relive memories I've forgotten about and it reminds me of times throughout the day I missed. It's so worth it to get one.

9) Throw blankets- I bought 2, one for each of us to have to snuggle in and keep warm on the couch. They are the perfect size, not to big and bulky yet have warmth to them so we don't have to turn up the heat too much in the winter.

10) Warming bag- Not sure how to describe it, but its a mircowavable bag that heats up. You can put it anywhere that ache's or if you have cramps. It's also a great way to warm the bed if your Hub's is away.

I know there's more, I kinda hit a road block in idea's between the time I thought of this post and sitting here writing it.

I also wanted to note that I realize these must have's sound expensive and some can be as expensive as you want, but we didn't break the bank in aquiring these items. Hub's and I are by no means extremely well off, we just plan well with our money. An example would be the new mattress we bought. It was on sale for $600 from a regular price of $2200. We learned how to shop the deals and get more for our money.

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  1. We've been married 2 yrs 1 week today are STILL waiting for our wedding album!!!!!!!! I'll be a mother before I ever see that thing!!!