Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding Colors

Probably one of the toughest decisions for a bride to be is picking the wedding colors. Color can say so much about a person and the overall feel of the event. For most brides, this decision will be an ongoing battle with a few changes along the way. For other brides they know what their colors will be right off the bat.

One of the inspirations that greatly helped me choose colors was This blog has so many color combinations and picture inspirations. You can even request a color palette. It's definitly a great visual and recommend it to all the brides to be out there.

For Hubs and I choosing our wedding colors wasn't the easiest decision (yes, we unfortunately weren't one of the few lucky couples who knew what colors we wanted right away). Initially I thought about red and champagne, but the more I thought about it, something just didn't feel right. Then I wanted all blues (at this point I had a slight obsession with the ocean and all things beach themed). Hubs expressed his concern that all blues would be, well, "a little boring" and that we should add a different color to it. His suggestion was chocolate brown. I know exactly what your thinking. Chocolate brown has been so overdone with the baby blue or baby pink or light green with it, in weddings over the last few years (No offense to anyone who has chosen these colors because I feel they are beautiful, just a little overdone).

The more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me. Plus the chocolate brown color had a sentimental meaning behind it. Now I just had to choose a color to go with it. A light green was in the running for a bit because the combo seemed so fresh, but I still kept going back to the blues. I did some research and searched different color schemes and we decided to go with chocolate brown and aqua. This color scheme seemed perfect for us. Even though we were having a summer wedding, the aqua was bright enough to still provide us with a summery feel. The chocolate brown was a neutral so it didn't make things feel so dark and we used it more as the second color for accents. Also, this combo worked well with our outdoor ceremony and gave me the bit of  watery feel I wanted to keep in our wedding. Below is the image I used for our inspiration:

Picking wedding colors can be a very difficult task. Often times, the groom refuses to go with pink (which is often the first choice of the bride) or any other feminine palette. While the bride refuses to go with the manly palette the groom prefers. Another misconception many brides fall into is that they have to choose certain colors because of the season or month their wedding is in. So many summer brides feel they can't use black because its so dark, while winter brides feel they are stuck using red and green. These misconceptions aren't true. As a bride you can use any colors you want, any time of the year you want. To make colors work, its more in the details such as the length of the dresses and the type of fabrics used. Black works fine in the summer if its in a lighter fabric such as chiffon; while a color scheme of aqua and silver works in the winter if you use thicker fabrics and say tie in the theme of snowflakes and a winter-wonderland.

Some other ideas on helping to choose a color scheme include:

-What colors are in your ceremony/reception location (if gold and burgandy are the reception locations decor, make sure your colors of hot pink and navy won't make it look to busy)
-Don't choose to many colors, try to limit it to 1-2 main colors and an accent color, plus the flower colors
-Look at a color wheel for inspiration, you can go monochromatic, or choose colors that compliment one another such as royal blue and orange
-What are your favorite colors? What colors are found in your home?
-What is the feel your going for? (Blush pinks and ivory screams romantic, while hot pink and orange suggests fun and playful)
-Don't feel limited by the season. For a winter wedding you don't have to choose Christmas red and green with pinecones and poinsettias (you could do silver and ice blue, gold and burgandy, navy and silver, etc)
-Don't get stuck with a theme's cliche colors (i.e. beach theme doesn't have to be shells and blues, it can be soft oranges and pinks (think sunrise) or tan and coral and seafoam green with sandals, and starfish)

Good luck with choosing your colors!!

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