Friday, February 16, 2018

Making work feel like home

We all know that we often spend more time at work and with our coworkers then we do at home and with our significant others. I've found putting together a work box of basic items makes day to day office life easier and has immensely helped out in a pinch when i or a coworker needs something. Over the last couple years i have built and adapted items i keep at work for "just in case" times. Below is a list of things i keep on hand:

- Snacks and extra food. You never know when your running late and don't have time to pack a lunch or just need extra food or snack. I keep granola bars, cliff bars, a couple packaged oatmeal, individual soups (i.e. Lipton cup of soup), tea, juice crystals or liquid juice shots, apple sauce.
- Tea bags. Great for when you need a warm up! My office also has a coffee machine which we all contribute to.
- Breath mints and gum. I ALWAYS have spare on hand.
- Hair ties.
- A pashmina that can double as a lightweight blanket, which is great when the office is a bit cooler.
- Headphones (never know when you need to work on an online course or meeting minutes without disrupting a coworker).
- Salt, pepper and basic spices. Great for lunches without always having to remember to bring it from home. I often will grab a couple extra from a fast food restaurant which make individual portions which are perfect for the office (along with individual soy sauce, plastic utensils and napkins).
- Extra cutlery. I try to keep an extra fork and spoon at work.
- A lighter and candles (for impromptu birthday cakes!!!).
- Some cash
- Extra plastic bags (for when i need to bring things home)
- A few simple decorations (such as a set of lights for Christmas and a little tree!)
- Cell phone charger
- Change of clothes (more so in the winter in case of bad weather).
- Feminine hygiene products (no one wants to ever be caught off guard).
- Small screw driver for fixing basic things
- Pictures of family to put on display in the office

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