Sunday, February 11, 2018


Happy February everyone! We are slowly heading into spring 2018 and I couldn't be happier. We have been lucky this year in that our winter wasn't very snowy or cold! We have been getting our fair share of rain though, with January receiving 4x the amount of rain as January of last year.

Life has been good. My brother came out for a surprise visit in January for a few days. It was nice to spend time with him, but the visit was much too short. My sister is nearing the end of her basic training. I'm super excited and proud of her for all of her accomplishments to date and never giving up on her dream.

As I look forward to spring, i look forward to becoming an auntie again as my best friend is expecting her second little one in May!!! I can't wait.

Hubs and I are looking at trips for the fall. We haven't been on a trip in a couple years and definitely need one.

Work has been going really good. I started a new job late November and the move was a good one for me. I really enjoyed my old job and my coworkers, however my work life balance was just taking a toll on me and an opportunity came up and i decided to take it (after much thought and debate). I never stay late and generally don't work through my lunch break anymore. I'm also getting to experience some new opportunities with my job. Last week i was able to go on a tour of our harbor!

Part of my new years resolution this year was to get in better shape and eat better. I've downloaded a couple apps on my phone. One has fitness routines and the other tracks your daily food. I've really been committed to tracking my food and have done so each day since 27 December! While this has been a positive, my exercise has been lacking and i really need to get back into the gym again. I just need to start a routine again.

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