Monday, April 2, 2018

It's April!

We are just 2 days into April and I'm enjoying my last day off. Thanks to my employer, both Good Friday and Easter Monday are holidays for me which means I had a 4 day weekend! Hubs ended up having to working this weekend so no holiday dinners. We were okay with this as I surprised Hubs with a mini getaway last weekend for his birthday! I will have to prepare a separate blog post of the getaway and everything we did.

Our tenant moved out on Saturday and we have the suite rented again next month for a short lease. Not sure if we want to get into another long term rental or just take the house back over for ourselves. New tenancy rules have made it a bit riskier to be a landlord and we aren't sure we want the headaches of being landlords long term, but we shall see what happens once our short term renters are done in a few months.

We get new neighbors in 17 days. Our neighbors sold their house back in January and we found out the other day that the new neighbors take possession on 19 April. This is kind of exciting, however also we hope they are friendly people. Our current neighbors are older, in fact they are one of 2 of the oldest remaining home owners on our block having been here 20+ years.

I'm also waiting on a prospective job opportunity at work, just waiting patiently for the job poster to go live to apply!

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