Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving, oh how I hate thee

So we found out today that we will be able to move into our new place August 30th instead of September 1st. We are both super excited, since it will give us a little more time to move things to our new apartment, as well as time to clean the old one.

Even though I'm excited to be moving, I'm a little unexcited as well. I mean its the first place Hubs and I lived together in, we got engaged and married while living there as well so its full of memories. Hubs keeps telling me that its the memories that matter and not the house, and how we will create new memories in the place we are moving to. This definitly cheers me up, along with thinking about how we will now be living in a 2 level townhome with 1.5 bathrooms. Also, the fact that I get to do a little shopping to buy a few new things for the new place is definitly exciting (we need a few things for the extra bathroom and some cute lights for our decks).

Hubs also has a few friends coming to help us move (yay!!) so I won't have to help move all the boxes and furniture. I get to stay behind and clean and pack the last minute things.

Our last few days have basically consisted of packing and cleaning, with a little relaxation thrown in yesterday (Hubs and I had the day off together which doesn't happen often) Last night Hubs took me for an ice cream date to Dairy Queen after a busy day of packing. It was nice to get out and have a mini date, especially when ice cream was involved.

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  1. Good Luck with the moving. I know it will be hard to leave but your Hubs is right, the memories will follow you and you will make new ones in the new place. I would totally help clean and move if I was there.

    PS. YAY! for ice cream dates!