Monday, February 17, 2014


I've been struggling to get over this sore throat I've had for the past week. I came down with it Monday and got it checked out last Thursday after work. My family doctored called me wed morning saying I had a high white blood cell count on some recent lab work and I made an appointment to see him ( I was planning on going to a walk in if he hadn't of called). He took a throat swab as he suspected strep throat and prescribed me an antibiotic (I'm allergic to the cilin family so I ended up with a pretty strong antibiotic). I ended up having a reaction to that medication ( one you don't want to mess with as it can affect you even months later after stopping it) so I ended up going to get a different prescription. I'm hoping I get better soon, my throat is way more tolerable now as at least I can swallow without crying but I have a stuffy nose and cough now to.

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  1. Oh no way! That doesn't sound like fun at all. I hope you feel better soon! And might I add that I don't think I knew you were allergic to the cilin family.