Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random Posting...

I've had a few things on my brain lately and not a lot of time for posting, so I figured that while the house is quiet, I would do a quick post with a bunch of thoughts put together.
*My mom's treatments are going great, she is halfway through the radiation and feeling good so far
*NEVER let family move in with you, we have Hubs stepbrother living with us, and I would not and will never allow family to move in with us again (I know I have a few friends who read this blog, please don't share this thought with Hubs), more to post on this at a later time too
*We went to visit one of Hubs good friends and wife Sat night, while they were close to town for a hockey tournament. We havent seen them since we got married, so it was nice to have a night out and catch up.
*Unfortunately, on the way home from said visit we got a flat tire (which I didnt find out about until I went to go to work the next morning at 5am). Needless to say we had to call a tow truck to come put on the spare tire and wait until one of the few mechanic places were open in town so we could get the flat looked at (This was ridiculous, considering we live in a city and nothing seems to be open on Sunday). We had the tire looked at and it was deemed unrepairable (there was a bone in the tire) so we had to wait until Monday for the dealership to open to get a new tire. We went to the dealership yesterday, and they had to order in the tire, so I'm currently waiting for the dealership to call to take the car in to get the new tire put on. What a waste of $250 bucks, we just bought the car in August, have barely over 13000km on it and already had to replace a tire. To be truthful it pissed me off...
*Hubs dad has been staying with us again since Sun. He has to get an angiogram tomorrow, I'm hoping all works out well and they can fix his heart.
*The house we loved and put an offer in on, then had to walk away from (due to lack of financing), is back on the market. There was another offer on the house and it fell through. Right now Hubs and I are going to wait and see if they drop the price of the house and we might put another offer in, this time with a clause of the sale of our home now.
*I have my flight home booked for the end of June. So excited to be going home to see my family again, and to see my brother graduate. Again though, if your a friend of mine please dont mention this on facebook. It's going to be a suprise to my family
*We just bought a costco membership. We have debated getting one for a while, and finally bit the bullet and got one. Neither of us have family close anymore to have them pick us up stuff, and with his brother staying with us we figured it would come in handy.
*There was been some drama happening at work, its been going on since I started working there, and last week was the last straw and I filed a complaint. I wont go into any more detail right now but I'm glad I've finally said something (No it doesnt involve me personally)

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