Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Little About Me

I'm stealing today's blog post from Mandy, over at Mommy Musings.

Guilty Pleasure? Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven and Lemon drop martini's.

I can't travel without? My cell, sunglasses, hair straightener, gloves/scarf if its fall/winter, sunscreen if its summer

Recent Splurge? Our 2 week trip to Mexico and our new car in Aug.

My go-to flower? Peonies, freesia and roses

In bulk, I buy? Paper towel, flour, spices

I sleep on? A new queen bed we just purchased a few months ago, sooo comfy

Comfort Food? Warm chocolate chip cookies, Mac & Cheese, tomato soup and grilled cheese

For Breakfast? Toast, cereal, bagel and PB, omelette, english muffin with egg, cheese & bacon, it all depends but I always eat something for breakfast

For Dinner? Always different, last night it was fettuccini alfredo

Love/hate relationship with? Excercise, where I work

Can't Stop Watching? Glee, Desperate housewives, Grey's Anatomy, 2 broke girls, 2 and a Half Men, Amazing Race, Survivor, Pan Am and Big Bang Theory.

Best online shopping find? N/A, I don't shop online

Dreaming about? Owning a second home, having a baby

Crushing on? Henrik Sedin

Every girl should have? A great friend,a favorite movie and food/drink

My style in five words? Simple, plain, boring, inexpensive

I love wearing? My favorite dress or skirt

Dream Job? Something in the healthcare field

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