Friday, June 24, 2011



Tonight is my sister's prom night!! I can't wait to see her all dressed up having one last night of fun with all her friends from high school. Prom is one of those life events that every girl dreams about, aside from getting married.

I went to my prom, had a great time and am so glad I went. Initially, I didn't want to go to prom. All I could think about was the expense of the dress, the tickets, the hair, the beauty, etc, etc and I only had a few close friends. Wanna know what changed my mind? The prom dress!! I was out and about with my dad, and we stopped in at the Sears Outlet. I stumbled across some formal dresses and fell in love with a navy blue one and just had to have it (It was maked down from $250 to $27 and there was nothing wrong with it). My answer to getting this dress of course was to go to prom. I lucked in, that I still had a couple days to buy a ticket and get the discount price, my hair was done by a family friend and I won a contest to get my makeup done. All in all, I think I spent $50 on my whole prom look.

I can't remember exactly our prom theme, but I believe it was something to do with Stars and Paris. It was a safe grad, meaning there was no alcohol and we stayed the whole night. If you left you couldn't get back in. There was a vido dance, monte carlo, an auction, a buffet supper and midnight dessert buffet along with a morning breakfast. It was a great night and I'm so glad my dress inspired me to go.

Flashback to my prom!

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