Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lasagna a Success

Tonight for the first time I attempted to make a homemade lasagna. After work I headed to the grocery store and picked up the ingredients I needed to make it. Because I didnt have the recipe with me I picked up  box of lasagna noodles and got the recipe from the back. Once I got home I started on the lasagna. While I had the noodles cooking I chopped everything (onions, garlic and parsley) so I just had to throw it all in the pot to cook once the noodles got going. In the end I'm suprised at how easy it was to make lasagna. It turned out great, except for when I misread leaving a little bit of sauce to put over the last noodles and then cover with cheese. Instead I put the cheese over the last set of noodles (oops) but it still looks delicious. Hubs worked tonight so now I have the lasagna cooked and ready to be heated for tomorrow along with garlic bread (yum yum). I also have to admit I'm quite proud that I have made dinner 3 times this week, which is a record for me. Usually Hubs does all the cooking but I'm attempting to make more of an effort to cook throughout the week and expand my cooking skills.

Also I hope to start recapping on my wedding details in the next little bit, with all my ideas, inspirations and the final outcome of the big day.

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