Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thrift Store score

I stopped by a thrift store by our place today on the way home to check out what they had. They didn't have a huge selection, nor was it the best thrift store I have ever been to. As I was walking around I happened to check out the glassware and there on a shelf were 2 Glass Z-stem Martini glasses that I have been wanting forever. I first seen them at my MIL's place when she used them to serve caramel sauce with fresh fruit over the summer. They are so cute and great for entertaining. You can pick them up from walmart or other houseware stores for roughly $15 for a pack of 4. I found 2 for $0.75 each which is a deal in itself but when I looked up there was a sign saying all pink price tags 50% off so I scored both glasses for $0.64 :)

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