Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catch up post

Time sure is flying and the blogging hasn't picked up either. I've faithfully been reading everyone else's blogs everyday or every other day but leaving mine lagging behind. There is one really good reason why I haven't posted in so long. Hubs and I finally went on our honeymoon!!!! Thats right and I'm so excited to be able to share it with everyone now.

We left on Nov 15 for the Maya Riviera in Mexico, and just came back on the 23rd. We had such a great time and definitly recommend it to anyone looking for a great honeymoon idea or even a nice getaway vacation. It was our first vacation outside of North America and we cant wait to plan our next trip away. Even though we were gone for 7 nights/8 days we ran out of time. We did so many activities while we were there. We visited and Climbed Coba, seen Tulum, Chichen Itza and got to swim with dolphins. Two of those excursions were full day trips and the other 2 were half day so it really only left is with 2 days to sit and relax on the beautiful white sand turquoise water beaches. I did manage to get a sunburn though which is turning into a nice tan.

We stayed in Puerta Aventuras which is about an hour out of Cancun at a resort called The Catalonia Yucatan Beach Resort and Spa. It was a 4 ****(star) resort and was beautiful in our opinion. The packaged we got was all inclusive-airfare, hotel, food and drinks, plus many activities within the resort and it came in at just over $1500 so we definitly got quite a steal on our honeymoon. We don't have any other resorts to compare this one to but based on having stayed at other hotels before we would definitly recommend it. The resort itself is only 400 rooms which is a lot smaller then the average resort in the Maya Riviera area and a great way to get into the all inclusive thing without being overwhelmed with people. Being November, it wasn't overly busy which was nice, and so we got to meet many people while there. This resort is kid/family friendly and even has a kids club where parents can put there kids during the day to be able to enjoy activities on their own. I know many people don't like kid/family friendly resorts because they want the adult only thing but really, we hardly noticed kids there, and when we did it was by the pools and not really anywhere else.

The food was awesome and the choices endless as there were many different restaurants we could try. The restaurants included 2 buffets (one had theme night dinners), a Mexican restaurant, Italian restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Tapas Lounge, Snack Bar (had a small buffet of basic foods such as fruits, burgers and hot dogs, fries, fajitas, etc), and a dessert Restaurant. Each restaurant had a bar as well as there being 5 others bars on the resort, two of which were swim up bars in pools. The drinks were awesome and free flowing from 7am until 2 am the next day.

Our resort also had a couple of shops, a Theatre (live shows nightly), an infirmary, a sports bar, a disco, a photo center where they took pictures of people around the resort and you could order copies of yours, a gym, an amazing spa, sports activities, snorkling, Catamaran, kayaking as well as beach volleyball and Bocce. When we checked into the resort we were given $40 in Spa dollars to be redeemed on any massage over 50min. We ended up using the dollars on a 50min couples massage. Hubs got a deep tissue massage and I got a relaxation massage. It was my first ever real massage and I greatly enjoyed it. Before our spa treatment we had access to the Sauna, mineral pool and another pool woth different jets and water features. As well as the lounge area serving teas, water and fruit. All in all, I would have to say our spa experience was greatly enjoyed and it was reasonably priced even before our Spa dollar discount. The total of our massages after discount was $118 which I thought for a resort spa, was quite reasonable.

We didn't end up getting over to cozumel or Playa Del Carmen, but plan on it when we got back to Mexico. We were a little disappointed we ran out of time to do these things but Hubs said it just gives us a reason to return. All in all, we had an amazing time and are definitly planning a return trip back, hopefully sometime soon. I'm having a bit of an issue getting pics posted so I promise to post them in the next day or so.

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