Friday, October 22, 2010

Accolades and a brief review of the week

Another week has come and gone already. Last week I worked an extra 8 hrs for a work function and since I went back to work yesterday I have been receiving many thanks for the amount of work I put in (I went above and beyond what I was supposed to do and even did some of the duties of the supervisor). I have been doing these types of functions for a while and so I know what to expect and how to run them. I also really enjoy the type of job it is. Basically I'm serving (with the help of other servers) a 5-8 course dinner to 100+ people after having set the tables up with all the glassware, dinnerware, etc. This time was different because I actually did a lot of prep work, made the salads, appetizer and part of the dessert myself. The only thing I didnt do was actually cook any of the items.

On Wednesday, I was on another computer course. I'm trying to get on as many courses as I can so I can further my skills to move up in careers eventually. Next week I'm going on a career planning course, which I'm very excited about to see what I can learn and take away to help me advance in my career.

Other then that, not to much new happened this week. We went out to Applebee's for supper the other night. It just opened here and we have been wanting to try it for a while. I'm not sure if we were just pumped up to try it or what but we really weren't all that impressed. It's not that the food wasn't good (the fries did come out cold, even though the plates and the rest of the meal was hot), it just wasn't amazing. The menu wasn't one in which I have to go back a few times to try all the yummy different food they had to offer, instead we found it was a generic menu which we could find at any fast food restaurant. The atmosphere was nice, except for the cramped amount of tables and the best part was my white peach sangri...yum, yum :) which came to me in a HUGE glass (Hubs even asked them if it was their regular size, he thought they brought me a super sized one)

Oh and the weather is definitly cooling off here. This weekend I'm planning on digging out my thin gloves and headband for those chilly morning I'm heading to work at 5am. We've had frost already once last week and everyone is saying we are in for a cold snowy winter. Which is abnormal for here, last year it was warm and no snow at all.

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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