Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I seem to have been very MIA from my blog this past year. I've been meaning to post, however with the blog app not working very well anymore it means I can't just write a post from my phone. It's hard to believe how quickly the last year has gone by.

Just as fast as we rang in 2017, its now quickly leaving us. 2017 has been a good year all around. We settled into our new home, having been here a year already. Celebrated our 7 year anniversary and many birthdays and holidays. We were able to visit my family in Halifax for a couple weeks which was so nice! We did a random road trip to Alberta for a week back in May. We just packed the car and drove. We were able to visit family, get to Banff and Drumhellar (on DH bucket list for quite a while) and enjoy some random road tripping moments.

In August we spent almost a week camping. We hadn't been camping in a couple years so it was nice to get away and enjoy nature. We had a beautiful campsite right on the water and enjoyed nature and hiking and just getting away from it all.

My brother graduated University in January and got a job! Life is going good for him. My sister finally got a call that she had been accepted for the job of her dreams and is currently undergoing training. I'm so proud of her for reaching for her dreams and not giving up. My dad retired in August after 35+ years in the military. I wish I could say he is enjoying retired life but alas he is still working. My mom is doing really good. She had a rough patch for a while which prevented her from coming to visit us back in May, however she is doing better then every which is all I can ask for.

It's been a year since my grandfather passed away. My grandmother, as strong as she is, has taken the past year quite well. While she certainly has her times of sadness, she is enjoying life and still a busy socialite.

DH is doing great. His job is going well and he continues to think of future opportunities. He had a job offer and we nearly accepted however I was unable to secure work so he turned it down. It was a rough and draining time on us as it would have been such an adventure. But sometimes things aren't meant to be or not meant to be right now.

I found out that my best friend is having a baby in the new year! I'm so excited and can't wait to be an auntie again.

As for myself, work has certainly been keeping me busy. I gave notice at my old job and accepted a new job in the same department. I needed to have a better work life balance and an opportunity arose so I jumped on it. I'm still surprised I took the leap of faith and maybe I knew myself and that I may back out, I called my new manager in the car at work and accepted the job (there was no backing out after that!!).  I'm excited for 2018 and everything that it will bring. I look forward to new adventures and opportunities. Spending time with family and friends and creating new memories.

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