Friday, September 2, 2016

Steam mop review

I've always wanted a steam mop. What's not to love about the power of cleaning with 100% pure water and no harsh chemicals. Our new home has real hardwood floors and knowing that I knew I didn't want to use harsh chemicals to clean them. Dh and I decided a steam mop was the perfect way to go, and we could ensure the floors were sanitized by the steam as well. 

We didn't do too much research before hand. Rather we went to Walmart and looked at the options. We ended up going for a mid range prices shark mop ( for about $60. It was lightweight, easy to use, had a 30 second heat up time and had washable mop pads which was important because I wanted to be environmentally friendly and not always need to buy new mop pads. 

We brought it home and were amazed how well it cleaned the floor and how much dirt it picked up off what we thought were clean floors! We bought some extra mop pads so we had spares depending on how much we clean, we figured one could be designated solely for the suite for when tenants move
Out. I love that it doesn't take much water to fill the holder (maybe 1.5 cups) and we can steam our entire top floor of the house without it running empty. I also love hat it heats up so quick, so it's always ready to clean when I am.

Product description from website:

Powerful steam dries quickly, unlike traditional mopping. 
"The Shark® Light and Easy™ Steam Mop is lightweight and easy-to-use for quick and simple cleaning. With the Shark® Light and Easy™ Steam Mop you will turn ordinary water into super-heated steam to remove everyday dirt and grime that other mops leave behind. Featuring swivel steering, a telescoping handle, and an ergonomic design, the Shark® Light and Easy™ Steam Mop makes quick work of cleaning around furniture. Chemical free super-heated steam deep cleans, providing 99.9% sanitization, so you can feel confident that your floors are both germ-free and chemical-free.
With the Shark® Light and Easy™ Steam Mop, you'll enjoy:
• On-demand variable steam - natural mopping motion delivers super-heated steam in just 30 seconds, and dries almost immediately
• 99.9% sanitization against germs and bacteria
• Washable micro-fiber pads lift and lock in dirt - no more messy mops and heavy buckets
• A soft-grip handle and comfortable design that make it easy to maneuver without physical strain
• Safe cleaning on hard-floor surfaces – including hardwood floors

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