Saturday, July 31, 2010

NewB to blogging

So after about a year or so of reading different blogs and actively following a couple I decided to start my own. This is the perfect time to be starting a blog. I just got married on 07.10.10 and now that the wedding planning is over I'm finding myself to have a lot more free time and not knowing what to do with it. Hubs (my new husband) actually inspired me to start this blog. I'm sure I will have to remind him in a few months when he tells me I'm blogging to much that HE was the one who suggested I start blogging. I was a knottie on and towards the end of wedding planning he was starting to bug me about how much I was on the site (for any other knotties out there you know how addicting it gets). I'm loving the newlywed life and can't wait to share details from the wedding on here as well as daily life as a NewB. Hope you all enjoy reading my blog and feel free to leave questions or comments for me. Thanks hubs for being my inspiration to start blogging. Love you xoxo

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